CGCS Blog Contributor

The Center for Global Communications Studies’ blog seeks to publish pieces on topics such as¬†international media law and policy, internet policy, access to information, censorship issues, policies concerning information and communication technology, and media development. Posts have ranged from discussions about specific legislation in a single country to more broad thematic posts about internet policies globally.

We always welcome people interested in blogging about these or related topics to contribute to the blog on a regular or less frequent basis. If you are interested in becoming a contributor, please email us with a writing sample and your general area of interest or blog topic ideas.


General CGCS Blog Post Standards:

  • Blog posts generally range from 500-1200 words;
  • Pieces need not be in formal academic writing, however we ask that posts are not pure opinion pieces or rants and reflect some analysis;
  • Cite any academic references as well as hyperlink in text to any reports, news items, or relevant information referenced in the post;
  • Keeping to CGCS standards, please adhere to the following spelling of these frequently used words: internet (non-capitalized); multistakeholderism (no hyphen);
  • Please be prompt in responding to any edits, comments, or questions from the CGCS.