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Sudan: Public Opinion Research in Darfur

Researching Attitudes Towards Peace and Conflict in Darfur

Researching Attitudes Towards Peace and Conflict in Darfur is a multi-track research program seeking to gauge public opinion among Darfurians regarding the roots of the conflict, its impact on their lives, and the role of the international community to bring peace. The research methods are employed with a view to overcoming problems specific to measuring opinion in the unstable and politically charged environment of an ongoing conflict.

The project is being undertaken in collaboration with the Stanhope Centre for Communications Policy Research and Albany Associates.

Findings seek to inform the work of:

  • Organizations directly involved in the mediation between the government and armed movements;
  • Organizations working with civil society, either as a complimentary approach to international mediation efforts or to strengthen the role of civil society in Sudan;
  • Organizations working in the area of recovery and development in Darfur;
  • Organizations conducting any form of outreach programme in Darfur or other types of communication initiative.

The research team in Sudan works in partnership with Sudanese academic and civil-society organisations, allowing it to use local researchers who receive on-going training for the duration of the project. A support team of academics in the US and UK contributes to this team's work and the production of reports.

Research documents:

November 2008 Occasional Paper on how to conduct public opinion research in a conflict zone, based on our Sudan Project

November 2008 Analysis of all Sudan public opinion research conducted by CGCS/Stanhope between February 2007 and October 2008 

Research Plan

Pilot Report (Oct. 2007)

First interim report (Jan. 2008)

Second interim report (May 2008)